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Appeal Campaigns

Community benefit organizations and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes rely on the influx of donations that pour in from a well-designed and thoughtful fundraising appeal campaign. But all the moving parts just to get it out into the world can be overwhelming. 

These resources break it all down with simple, step-by-step processes that get you that much quicker to launch day.

Articles to Read

Take the Challenge

Tools and Links

  • Asana. For all aspects of project management, task lists and deadlines.
  • Donorbox. A super easy-to-create platform to accept online donations.
  • Eventbrite. An online platform to send and track live event invitations. 
  • Hello Bar. To add a navigation bar at the top of your website for special announcements. 
  • WordPress and Squarespace. To create a website.

Take it a step further with 1:1 coaching on this topic.

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