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Welcome to the Open Rivers Appeal Campaign Challenge!

What if you could jumpstart your fundraising with a light-hearted and uplifting appeal for donations that could be produced with ease and joy?

And what if, rather than going at it on your own, you could get a little guidance along the way?

Even better, what if you could launch this appeal campaign from start to finish in two weeks flat?

That’s exactly what we’re here for! Your mission relies on the influx of donations that pour in from a well-designed and thoughtful fundraising appeal campaign. But all the moving parts to get it out into the world can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re just getting started in this wild world of fundraising and resource mobilization for your mission.

So we created this free training (cleverly disguised as a challenge for a dose of motivation!) to serve as a road map for you to get your fundraising off the ground. 


When you join the challenge, you’ll receive…

A series of 6 emails sent to you over the next two weeks. The emails will provide clarity on your appeal: what to send, who you’ll be sending it to and what you’ll need to get it out the door. we’ll also be sharing some of our touchstones and sources of inspiration for a little extra boost. 
A comprehensive guidebook and bonus resources with all sorts of goodies. There’s prompts to take action on the spot, a few of our personal templates for you to direct download, a step-by-step action plan and an appeal production calendar that you can adapt to any of your campaigns going forward.

Special invitations to online gatherings to meet-up, share your appeal campaign, have Q&A, get feedback and celebrate wins.

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