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Fundraising is difficult enough. What if you didn’t have to go at it alone?

And what if you could have thoughtful mentorship, immersive support, tangible guidance and an accountability partner as you forge through your specific fundraising challenges?  

That’s where coaching comes in. It is a sounding board that you can trust. Someone to brainstorm with you on sensitive issues that naturally arise in the day-to-day arena of fundraising for social change. It’s the compassionate and experienced partnership of someone who’s been there.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a sense of clarity and direction with your fundraising so that you can get back to the mission at hand.

This coaching package includes:

One 90-minute coaching session by video call each month to discuss your progress, challenges and action plan for the immediate future.

A weekly check-in via email to address any issues that come up in real time and answer any questions you may have.

Comprehensive notes from our sessions together and additional resources curated for you in a shared, downloadable folder.

$800 / Month
(3 month minimum)

Who you’ll be working with:

With integrity as a touchstone, Kristin Oliver takes a heart-centered approach to fundraising for meaningful initiatives that illuminate and activate issues of social justice, human rights and environmental protection. She is the founder of Open Rivers, a space dedicated to sharing fundraising resources online and in real life. At Open Rivers she designs sustainable funding strategies for social impact and develops thoughtful, mutually-rewarding relationships that bring activists together with philanthropists to shift the status quo. Kristin’s personal activism rallies for climate justice, freedom from violence and accountability for war crimes.

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the form below. Kristin will then be in touch by email to schedule a quick call to discuss the coaching program and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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