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Action Memo:

What’s free, nourishing and helps with your fundraising?

Gratitude, of course! Countless scientific studies have shown that it contributes to the overall well-being in pretty much every aspect of your life, from reducing stress to deepening relationships to helping you to sleep better (and who doesn’t want better sleep?!)

Gratitude can also be leveraged to level up your fundraising. Which is why today’s Action Memo is asking you to reflect on why you’re grateful for your work and your mission.

Now hopefully, the incredible work that you do not only serves others, but also has a positive impact on your life in some way. Maybe it makes you feel like part of the solution, rather than the problem. It could be that you simply love the people you work with or the community that rises up alongside you. Perhaps your work has created a space for you to learn, grow and stretch into a more evolved and empowered version of your best self.

And that’s all good stuff that a potential donor can relate to as well. So often I’ve had donors ask me why I do the work that I do. When I am able to answer genuinely, it never fails to connect with them in some meaningful way.

So let’s dive in and see what you come up with today.

Ready? Action! 🎬

Step 1

Set the timer for 20 minutes (when you’re ready to go, click here for an online timer at the ready) and grab something to document with (text doc, pen and paper, voice memo – however you take notes).

Step 2

List 3-5 reasons why you are personally grateful for the work that you do. Reasons can be big or small, tangible (read: paycheck!) or existential (a profound sense of purpose). It’s your private, personal gratitude list and anything goes here. 

Step 3

Set the list aside for the time being. Next time you’re revisiting your donor prospect list or planning to network with some potential funders and need to polish your pitch, revisit your gratitude list to see if there is some gem you can pull out to kick off the conversation.

    If this has been helpful to you, please consider making a donation! Your contribution is deeply appreciated and supports all of the free programming at Open Rivers.

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