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Fundraising Narratives

Fundraising is about so much more than asking for money. It is about seeding movements and building momentum. It is the ground-level resources to spark and sustain social change. It is bringing people into a vision of a more equitable and vastly more positive future.

All fundraising begins with a compelling narrative. These resources will get you started on creating, refining and communicating your mission and impact in a language that is accessible to your potential supporters, donors and funders.

Articles to Read

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Tools and Links

  • Google Slides. To create pitch decks and presentations.
  • Bird by Bird. Sage writing advice from Anne Lamott.
  • Grammarly. To check spelling and grammar. 
  • Asana. For all aspects of project management, task lists and deadlines.
  • Google Suite. For cloud storage, documents, calendars and, well, everything. It’s Google. 

Take it a step further with 1:1 coaching on this topic.

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