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Action Memo: Share a recent win with a dear supporter

Everyone loves wins. Even more so when they feel like they’re in the loop and can share in your good news. (Heaven knows, we need more of that!)

Today’s Action Memo is all about celebration and sharing. And we’re going to do this informally, in the moment, and keep it positive without overthinking it. (Because that’s how it’ll get done!) 

Now… Action! 🎬

Step 1

Set the timer for 20 minutes (when you’re ready to go, click here for an online timer at the ready) and grab something to document with (text doc, pen and paper, voice memo – however you take notes).

Step 2

Brainstorm a quick list of highlights you’ve experienced in the last month with your work or your mission. It could be a small programming success, a personal win from someone on your team, a kind comment on social media about your work, a lovely photo someone snapped at an event, a positive mention in the press. Truly, anything goes here.

Step 3

Now, look at your list of supporters. Pick 1 person who you think would enjoy hearing about this win.

Step 4

Send that person a note about your win. Include why you thought they’d enjoy hearing about it and add your gratitude for their involvement in your mission. Don’t ask for money here. Simply spread the love. ❤️

Now, why just 1 person? Because you want this to be super personal and genuinely connect with your supporter. People know when they’re on the receiving end of a mass mailing list. They also know, subconsciously, when you’ve truly been thoughtful in thinking about them and made an intentional point to reach out to them. 

Hint: This Action Memo works best over the long term by making it into a weekly habit. Pick a new win and a new supporter each week! 

If this has been helpful to you, please consider making a donation! Your contribution is deeply appreciated and supports all of the free programming at Open Rivers.

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