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Welcome to September…

And, we’re back. Indeed, summer is a distant memory. It’s September. It’s time to get charged up and ready to roll! 

Can you tell that I love this season? It’s like a second chance at a fresh start (new year all over again, anyone?). And it’s an opportunity to finish out this year in a beautiful, abundant way. Reaping the fruits of the harvest, if you will. 

It’s also time to lay the groundwork for all that year-end fundraising coming down the pipeline. And what better way to kick that off than with an epic communications brainstorm!

Because here’s the thing, my friends: When it comes to your donors, you can’t have radio silence all year long and then pounce in December asking them for money. You’ve got to have consistent communications throughout the year to keep them in the loop and spark their enthusiasm on the regular. 

So, we’re going to get started on that today. Are you ready?… Action! 🎬

Step 1

Set the timer for 20 minutes (when you’re ready to go, click here for an online timer at the ready) and grab something to document with (text doc, pen and paper, voice memo – however you take notes).

Step 2

First, you’ll choose your communication channels. This will be HOW you will reach out to your donors over the course of the next few months leading up to December. A few ideas to get you started: 

  • Email Newsletters
  • Personal 1:1 Emails
  • Printed Letters, Notes or Postcards in the Mail
  • Phone Calls or Video Chats
  • Personal 1:1 Meetings
  • Public or Private Events 
  • Appeal Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts 

Step 3

Then, brainstorm some content. This is WHAT you might share with you donors. It could be a recent programming highlight, a moving testimonial from one of your constituents, a mention of your work in the news, a screenshot of an uplifting comment on social media, an invitation for coffee… Sky’s the limit with this one!

Step 4

Finally, have a look at all your ideas. Pick a few that most light you up and put some tentative dates on the calendar to get it all out!

Happy planning! And welcome to September… 🙃

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